Sunday, January 9, 2011

The recon tanto

This is a knife i dreamed about owning, but never thought i would because of the price, course when your broke, that never helps either, fortunatly i found a shop that buys them in bulk and sells them for way cheaper, unfortunatly they do not sell thier stock online, but if your desperate, im sure you can find a good deal online somewhere, if you dont mind paying a little extra, you can always order from the company itself(which really isn't that bad of a price, its worth it): which by the way is the best quality knife manufacturer ive found so far (and trust me, ive owned ALOT of knives) the best way i can desribe this knife is to show you this video, but i will tell you that it definitly lives up to the hype, it is the thickest, strongest, toughest tactical knife i have ever owned, in fact, cold steel is so confident that this knife will live up to your expectations that they back it up with a 5 year warranty, which i seriously don't think i need with this good of a knife. all i really need say more it, seriously.

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