Friday, January 7, 2011

game review: fable 3

First off, i have never played the first or second fable games, and didnt know very much about them, so buying this was sortof going into uncharted territory, however, this game was a pleasant surprise in some cases. the things i didnt like about the game were: the map layout, speech (interactions with characters in the game), graphics. the map layout definitly did not feel like an open world, with narrow paths and a very obvious indication of where to go, there wasnt much room for exploring. the interactions between you and other characters also was a bit disappointing, as you usually only have two choices of what to do (after playing mass effect 1 and 2, youll think this is childs play) the last thing is graphics, now let me be clear, the graphics arnt BAD, i just think that there is certainly room for improvement. now i know it doesnt look good so far but bare with me. one of the redeeming qualities of the game is the storyline, it is put together well and is worth playing through again just to see the different outcome it will have by making a few different decisions. another thing that i liked was the weapon selection, now although there isnt much in terms of quantity, theres simply a good selection presented to you, you will have 3 different weapons to fight with: melee, guns, magic (i dont think the category is called magic but hey, he shoots fireballs, i call that magic) with melee you will have two choices for weapons, as you will for guns, for magic there is more. you will easily discover which weapons you prefer fighting with by changing them around a bit, the combination of magic, guns, and melee is perfect and makes battles intiresting and fun and keeps you actually hoping that youll see another group of thugs or creatures around the next corner. the main storyline actually was longer than i thought it would be, which i liked since i love lots of hours of gameplay (i mean your paying like what, $60 for a good game? you might as well be using it for a while) i also like the fact that theres pretty much two different ways you can play the game, and if you know anything at all about fable, you know what im talking about, thats right, the old choice of good or evil. This aspect of the game pretty much forces you to make a choice quicly between the two, i mean youve gotta be an idiot to want to just be "inbetween" the whole time, whats the fun in it if you cant be evryones hero for saving them or evryones nightmare for destroying them (but hey, its your game, ruin it if u want). this game seems to have slightly more redeeming qualities to it that bad ones, and has great replayability. id recommend this to someone who wants a a good story, good gameplay, and who will have fun playing it.

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  1. Oblivion is still my favorite. Forever! And that's final!