Friday, January 7, 2011

game review: borderlands

I know, i know, kinda late to be making a review about a game that you've already heard of and probably played, but i just recently bought it due to the fact that i didn't like the way the graphics looked in gameplay footage, that sort of "comic book" style, but i finally bought it, and heres my opinion: first off, the graphics didn't bother me all that much after i started playing, the "comic book" style wasn't just a cheap coverup of bad graphics which is what i though it would be, the start was pretty smooth, the controls were pretty easy to get used to, the only problem with the start of the game is that the enemies are a bit difficult to kill, but i suppose its a good way for you to get used to hiding behind objects, and somewhat planning your attack instead of just going full force. the weapons are pretty awesome, depending on which character you choose in the beginning of the game, you may have limited or "specific to a type" of gun skills, as you get further into the game, you will discover tons of different weapons, and you'll be able to choose which kind of weapon suites your needs the best, there's always crates of weapons on missions, so this should be relatively easy. after a while you'll be able to spawn vehicles of well, this is a nice feature, whether you need to travel a long distance, or just need some extra armor and firepower to take down a bunch of psychos holed up in a camp somewhere. the fact that this game is co-op was certainly a plus, and your friend can jump in at any time. the storyline, for many gamers, is the deciding factor in whether or not a game is good, for those of you who can relate, you would have been disappointed. Unfortunatly, the storyline left much to be desired, after playing games like halflife 2, fallout 3, and oblivion, i felt that this did not live up to the standard at all, i wont go into detail (in case you have spoilerphobia) but it seems like emphasis was put more on gameplay than anything else. also another aspect of the game that bothered me was that the "large map" was definitly not an "open map" you have to click 'go to this place' after youve walked up to it, then you get a loading screen and have to do the same thing to exit the area which is rather annoying to me. overall, i think that this is a pretty mediocre game, not bad, but not all that exciting either

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