Sunday, January 9, 2011

The best self defense bat you can buy

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I read about this bat for awhile before i bought it because, when it come to weapons, of course you want the ones that will work the best and last the longest, which is exactly what this bat does. Now their are two versions of this bat, a longer and shorter one, the longer (the Brooklyn smasher) is about the size of your typical adult baseball bat 34" then there is the shorter version, Which is what I own (the Brooklyn crusher) which is 29" I know what your thinking, a bat is a bat right? not this one. this bat is guaranteed unbreakable, is made of high carbon polypropylene, and they weigh more than your typical bat, the smasher is 2.7LB and the crusher is 2.1LB I mean it doesn't sound like much, but I seriously smashed through a cement block with this thing. And another great feature is that because it isn't metal or wood, it won't rust, crack, or warp, and all you need to clean it is some soap and water. So if you want the perfect bat for self defense, get the Brooklyn smasher or Brooklyn crusher.

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