Sunday, September 9, 2012

Mass effect movie news

So, according to various and unnamed sources, Ive come upon a few bits of info about the (hopefully) upcoming mass effect movie, there is still some controversy as to whether the movie will be based solely on the game or the novels, but from what I gather, It's going to be based on neither. Thats right, apparently an entirely new storyline is being forged by Mark Protosevich, probably best known for writing the screenplays of "I AM LEGEND". the main character, its been decided, will be a male commander shepherd, which I am personally glad to hear. I don't know how exactly they plan to pull off the storyline if its even loosely related to the reaper threat, in one movie, that is, however; i did like I am legend, and look forward to see if they kept true to the source material. One sad piece of news is that seth green (voice and model for joker) will not be portraying joker in the feature film as of now. but as we mourn the absence of our beloved pilot, and continue to rant and rave about the trilogies ending, which left something to be desired, let us celebrate with a bit of exciting, and just released content.

Skyrim has a new mod out for the 360, which Im sure any self-respecting nerd, geek, and gaming enthusiast has heard of: hearthfire! If for some reason you've been hiding under a rock, or atop a mountain for the past few weeks, well, your probably dead if its the first and if its the second, your crazy, winters coming and your gonna freeze up there. In either case, heres what hearthfire is: