Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Peter and the colossus

I'm kicking myself because Ive forgotten to mention my friends upcoming independent film to you guys, and I'm super excited to see it! once you see the trailer you will be too. sorry I have to post a link to the video instead of uploading because of technical issues:

so, The director has given me permission to let you guys in on an exclusive production blog. originally it was only for producers and such, however; I told him you fellow bloggers are awesome and would like exclusive stuff cuz...who doesnt? so heres the production blog in all its exclusive glory:

now, since the directors been so nice to you guys, maybe you could help him out a little...right now the movie is in post production and juuuuust about done, however, there are a few additional funds needed to really round it out.too mitchel veirnes, writer/director, explains further in the link below:
(watch it! even if you don't want to donate, he explains stuff about the movie I didn't and shows a few clips I didn't show also)