Monday, August 12, 2013

5 Things you might not know about dragon age: inquisition

1. First and foremost, MULTIPLE RACES ARE BACK!!! thats right, humans, elves and dwarves will all be playable as the main character once again. The storyline will still be linear to an extent, meaning, you won't get to choose the background of your character from what I know thus far. You will, however, be treated differently depending on your race by npc's and team members in the game. For some strange reason, certain people have been posting articles saying that you WILL NOT be able to play different races...people your research before you post entirely false information, here are my sources for the info from Gamespot, IGN and kotaku:

2. The will be online multiplayer, I havent been able to find much about this, I think they are trying to keep a few things like this a mystery for those who buy the game. It may possibly be the same type of style as me3's multiplayer where the more you play, the higher territorial stats you gain in the singlplayer campaign.

3. The main character (the one you play) will be voice acted, whether male or female. I'm not sure if the voices will be different for the different races but we will just have to find that one out

4. There will be mount's, such as horses (I assume) they are trying to make the dragon age world more explorable. not quite an "open world" game like skyrim, but from what Ive read, the areas that you can travel to are quite large, and you will be wanting to use those mounts to get around. balancing a linear story and an "open world" game are quite difficult, so they will be working on that perfect compromise between the two, while still having many open-ended stories besides the main one.

5. You will be able to customize your armor. thats right, you and your team's armor will be choosable like in DA:O and you will also be able to customize some textiles and coloring as well.

Monday, August 5, 2013

great decals for gamers and anime fanatics!

A big thanks to the people at  for sending me some great decals! please go check them out and buy a decal or two, these are great quality decals with a wide selection of colors and sizes, theres even a section just for gamers! If it's not obvious from the pics, I decided to decorate my 360 and laptop (sorry for the one that overshadows the other, my laptop is so full of stickers)

 metal flake galaxy storm trooper.

 chrome skyrim sticker...yeah, best color ever

If the last ones hard to recognize, its edward from cowboy bebop. originally black, but I changed the color to purple for no extra charge!

MGS V: The phantom pain

I feel the need to post this trailer for the game as It really stuck out among the rest, I won't say much more because I think it really just speaks for itself. keep in mind, it is quite graphic.