Saturday, January 29, 2011

the portal cake!!!

Thats right, this is a link to the actual recipe for the cake in portal, and ive only seen good reviews for it, and yes, it is moist. it almost seems too good to be true...

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Powerup Rewards

If you havnt already heard about the powerup rewards card from gamestop, you should really look into it, It is a card that, with every purchase (of pretty much anything in gamestop) you get reward points, which can be used in the future for cool rewards like credit twards new games, t-shirts, posters, e-movie cash, and a bunch more! plus they've always got some sort of sweepstakes going on which your automatically entered in when you buy anything from gamestop that month. this year is going to be an epic year for gaming, and lets face it, you buy a lot of games anyways, so why not get rewards for doing it? oh, i forgot to mention, you also get a years subscription to gameinformer magazine. you can sign up for free (although this wont include the gameinformer subscription, plus other benefits) or you can go pro and sign up for about $15 which i think is pretty reasonable.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

poll time!

who is THE greatest leader out of these games?

The prince (from fable 3)
The commander (from mass effect 1 and 2)
The emperor (from oblivion)
The freeman (from half-life 2. i didn't know what else to call him, so i just said it like the vortigaunts do.)
The chief (from halo)
The assassin (from assassins creed, duh!)                                                                         The hedgehog (from, well, just think, whats the only game where theres a hedgehog in it? and if your wondering why this ones in the list, its because its my blog and i can do whatever i want!!! *ps, if you still cant figure this one out, go slap yourself*)

Monday, January 10, 2011

The Elder Scrolls V

Thats right my gaming friends, after many months of waiting in darkness for some shred of hope, a beacon of light, in the form of a promised release shines brightly in this generation of mediocre games. In non-nerd terms, the newest addition of The elder scrolls is to be released 11/11/11, and i cant wait, this is one game i'm definitly pre-ordering, and clearing my schedule to play for weeks. and...DRAGONS?!!!!! i hope i get to ride one!!

Sunday, January 9, 2011

The recon tanto

This is a knife i dreamed about owning, but never thought i would because of the price, course when your broke, that never helps either, fortunatly i found a shop that buys them in bulk and sells them for way cheaper, unfortunatly they do not sell thier stock online, but if your desperate, im sure you can find a good deal online somewhere, if you dont mind paying a little extra, you can always order from the company itself(which really isn't that bad of a price, its worth it): which by the way is the best quality knife manufacturer ive found so far (and trust me, ive owned ALOT of knives) the best way i can desribe this knife is to show you this video, but i will tell you that it definitly lives up to the hype, it is the thickest, strongest, toughest tactical knife i have ever owned, in fact, cold steel is so confident that this knife will live up to your expectations that they back it up with a 5 year warranty, which i seriously don't think i need with this good of a knife. all i really need say more it, seriously.

The Rambo 3

This blog isn't just about games, and if you've read it, you know. This, my friends, is the Rambo 3, one of my biggest knives, it features a wooden handle (with the blade running all the way through of course) although i think they make one with a different type of handle, it has a 13 inch custom designed stainless steel blade and is a knife to be recn'd with. when you hold this officially licensed rambo 3 knife in your hand, you will feel like you can take on the world. i've had this in my collection for awhile, and i can honestly say that its one of my favorites, everything about this knife screams "uber!!!" even the leather sheath with 'rambo 3' impressed into it. its big, its sharp, its dangerous, the only way i can really describe the epicness of this knife is: if rambo was a knife, this would be him. 

Portal 2 release date

for those of you who havn't heard, the sequal to portal now has an official release date which is: april 1, 2011 psyched? you should be...

Exclusive mass effect 3 trailer!!!

The best self defense bat you can buy

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I read about this bat for awhile before i bought it because, when it come to weapons, of course you want the ones that will work the best and last the longest, which is exactly what this bat does. Now their are two versions of this bat, a longer and shorter one, the longer (the Brooklyn smasher) is about the size of your typical adult baseball bat 34" then there is the shorter version, Which is what I own (the Brooklyn crusher) which is 29" I know what your thinking, a bat is a bat right? not this one. this bat is guaranteed unbreakable, is made of high carbon polypropylene, and they weigh more than your typical bat, the smasher is 2.7LB and the crusher is 2.1LB I mean it doesn't sound like much, but I seriously smashed through a cement block with this thing. And another great feature is that because it isn't metal or wood, it won't rust, crack, or warp, and all you need to clean it is some soap and water. So if you want the perfect bat for self defense, get the Brooklyn smasher or Brooklyn crusher.

Saturday, January 8, 2011

my Normandy project

This is a model of the SSV Normandy that I was working on some time ago, i made the frame from cardboard and tape then paper mache'd that and coated it with spray paint, I don't really have the funds to make a better version of it, an unfortunately I am moving soon and can't take it with me to finish it (it was far from finished in this picture) , but maybe some time in the future I can try to create another, better one. Just thought someone might appreciate the effort.

Tali lithograph

Hey, i thought id post a pic of this lithograph i bought awhile ago, its pretty much the most awesome thing i own, i dont plan on taking it out of the plastic until i find a frame for it. There's only 500 of these printed, and i was lucky enough to have got my hands on one. it is signed and numbered by the creator of tali (on the bottom right) i beleive they have released 200 of these so far, but i could be wrong, you may be able to get your hands on one if you keep a close eye on the bioware website: 

you exist because we allow it, and you will end because we demand it- Sovereign, 2183 

game review: fallout new vegas

This was apparently the most anticipated game of the year, i was semi-excited about it, but not too much, as the gameplay footage seemed very similar to the first one and it didnt appear to have many new features added. well, i was right about that part, the main interface, battles, weapons, are very similar to the first game (im not saying that there arnt any new weapons! there are), and dont really leave me as excited as id hoped, however the game is set in a completely different area, with many new places to discover, many new people to meet, and just overall lots of stuff to do. one major thing that dissapointed me, was that when the trailer/game footage came out, they put alot of emphasis on "the strip" casinos, gambling, everything vegas has to offer, when i finally got to the actual "strip" it was definitly not as big as id expected it to be, and it seemed like somewhat of a ghost town, i mean i get it that its the wasteland and not many people have survived and what not but i feel that they couldve put alot more people in the strip than there was, just to make it a little more vegas-like. however there were casinos, and lots of gambling, everything from blackjack to slots. there are many other places other than the strip to discover (thank goodness) and thats what makes the game so fun, the exploration, and the pleasant surprises along the way. contrary to my negative remarks, the game WAS fun and i would suggest buying it if you liked fallout 3, the storyline, in my opinion, is not a gripping or motivating as the one in fallout 3, however it does have its charms. everything fallout 3 offered, plus more, and a whole new map and storyline. everything a fallout fan needs.

game review: red dead redemption

Now i was a bit hesitant to buy this game at first, thinking: c'mon, a video game set in the old west? no way this could be pulled off and still be fun to play. well fortunatly i was wrong, the storyline was great, the voice acting was perfect, and the gameplay was fun. There were only a few aspects i didn't like, for instance, the game isn't as interactive as i would've liked, you cant break into someone's house and search through their cabinets and drawers, or choose what to say when talking to people, but after all, this isn't grand theft auto or much of an RPG in terms of character interactions. but they really did a good job fitting the old west into this game, especially in the storyline, which you will appreciate even if you hate old west movies. one thing that makes this game fun is the fact that the map is so huge, and with the whole thing planted with deserts, canyons, rivers, railroad tracks and small towns, you've got much to explore, not to mention lots of side missions to help you do just that. battles (or in this case, gunfights) seem almost realistic, and you always gotta be careful to not dive head first into shooting, because although your one of the best in the wild west, its very possible to get ahead of yourself, then be put in your place by some band of robbers, or outlaw mexicans, or if youve been really bad, the american army.  although playing solo is fun, playing online is even more challenging, but reaps benefits. when i fist played online, i started off as a ghetto-looking old west mexican with a crappy pistol and a donkey to ride (you heard me right) and being shot down by guys riding horses and carrying sniper rifles didnt encourage me to play very much longer, until i started doing online missions and teaming up with people. It will seem difficult at first, but once you shoot a bunch of people, you get to get an actual horse, more weapons, and a not so ghetto looking character, so it gets easier and funner the more you play, then youll be the one shooting the ghetto looking people. id recommend this game to someone who appreciates a good storyline, and a different take on a game (being in the old west) 

Friday, January 7, 2011

game review: fable 3

First off, i have never played the first or second fable games, and didnt know very much about them, so buying this was sortof going into uncharted territory, however, this game was a pleasant surprise in some cases. the things i didnt like about the game were: the map layout, speech (interactions with characters in the game), graphics. the map layout definitly did not feel like an open world, with narrow paths and a very obvious indication of where to go, there wasnt much room for exploring. the interactions between you and other characters also was a bit disappointing, as you usually only have two choices of what to do (after playing mass effect 1 and 2, youll think this is childs play) the last thing is graphics, now let me be clear, the graphics arnt BAD, i just think that there is certainly room for improvement. now i know it doesnt look good so far but bare with me. one of the redeeming qualities of the game is the storyline, it is put together well and is worth playing through again just to see the different outcome it will have by making a few different decisions. another thing that i liked was the weapon selection, now although there isnt much in terms of quantity, theres simply a good selection presented to you, you will have 3 different weapons to fight with: melee, guns, magic (i dont think the category is called magic but hey, he shoots fireballs, i call that magic) with melee you will have two choices for weapons, as you will for guns, for magic there is more. you will easily discover which weapons you prefer fighting with by changing them around a bit, the combination of magic, guns, and melee is perfect and makes battles intiresting and fun and keeps you actually hoping that youll see another group of thugs or creatures around the next corner. the main storyline actually was longer than i thought it would be, which i liked since i love lots of hours of gameplay (i mean your paying like what, $60 for a good game? you might as well be using it for a while) i also like the fact that theres pretty much two different ways you can play the game, and if you know anything at all about fable, you know what im talking about, thats right, the old choice of good or evil. This aspect of the game pretty much forces you to make a choice quicly between the two, i mean youve gotta be an idiot to want to just be "inbetween" the whole time, whats the fun in it if you cant be evryones hero for saving them or evryones nightmare for destroying them (but hey, its your game, ruin it if u want). this game seems to have slightly more redeeming qualities to it that bad ones, and has great replayability. id recommend this to someone who wants a a good story, good gameplay, and who will have fun playing it.

game review: borderlands

I know, i know, kinda late to be making a review about a game that you've already heard of and probably played, but i just recently bought it due to the fact that i didn't like the way the graphics looked in gameplay footage, that sort of "comic book" style, but i finally bought it, and heres my opinion: first off, the graphics didn't bother me all that much after i started playing, the "comic book" style wasn't just a cheap coverup of bad graphics which is what i though it would be, the start was pretty smooth, the controls were pretty easy to get used to, the only problem with the start of the game is that the enemies are a bit difficult to kill, but i suppose its a good way for you to get used to hiding behind objects, and somewhat planning your attack instead of just going full force. the weapons are pretty awesome, depending on which character you choose in the beginning of the game, you may have limited or "specific to a type" of gun skills, as you get further into the game, you will discover tons of different weapons, and you'll be able to choose which kind of weapon suites your needs the best, there's always crates of weapons on missions, so this should be relatively easy. after a while you'll be able to spawn vehicles of well, this is a nice feature, whether you need to travel a long distance, or just need some extra armor and firepower to take down a bunch of psychos holed up in a camp somewhere. the fact that this game is co-op was certainly a plus, and your friend can jump in at any time. the storyline, for many gamers, is the deciding factor in whether or not a game is good, for those of you who can relate, you would have been disappointed. Unfortunatly, the storyline left much to be desired, after playing games like halflife 2, fallout 3, and oblivion, i felt that this did not live up to the standard at all, i wont go into detail (in case you have spoilerphobia) but it seems like emphasis was put more on gameplay than anything else. also another aspect of the game that bothered me was that the "large map" was definitly not an "open map" you have to click 'go to this place' after youve walked up to it, then you get a loading screen and have to do the same thing to exit the area which is rather annoying to me. overall, i think that this is a pretty mediocre game, not bad, but not all that exciting either