Saturday, January 8, 2011

game review: red dead redemption

Now i was a bit hesitant to buy this game at first, thinking: c'mon, a video game set in the old west? no way this could be pulled off and still be fun to play. well fortunatly i was wrong, the storyline was great, the voice acting was perfect, and the gameplay was fun. There were only a few aspects i didn't like, for instance, the game isn't as interactive as i would've liked, you cant break into someone's house and search through their cabinets and drawers, or choose what to say when talking to people, but after all, this isn't grand theft auto or much of an RPG in terms of character interactions. but they really did a good job fitting the old west into this game, especially in the storyline, which you will appreciate even if you hate old west movies. one thing that makes this game fun is the fact that the map is so huge, and with the whole thing planted with deserts, canyons, rivers, railroad tracks and small towns, you've got much to explore, not to mention lots of side missions to help you do just that. battles (or in this case, gunfights) seem almost realistic, and you always gotta be careful to not dive head first into shooting, because although your one of the best in the wild west, its very possible to get ahead of yourself, then be put in your place by some band of robbers, or outlaw mexicans, or if youve been really bad, the american army.  although playing solo is fun, playing online is even more challenging, but reaps benefits. when i fist played online, i started off as a ghetto-looking old west mexican with a crappy pistol and a donkey to ride (you heard me right) and being shot down by guys riding horses and carrying sniper rifles didnt encourage me to play very much longer, until i started doing online missions and teaming up with people. It will seem difficult at first, but once you shoot a bunch of people, you get to get an actual horse, more weapons, and a not so ghetto looking character, so it gets easier and funner the more you play, then youll be the one shooting the ghetto looking people. id recommend this game to someone who appreciates a good storyline, and a different take on a game (being in the old west) 

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