Saturday, January 8, 2011

game review: fallout new vegas

This was apparently the most anticipated game of the year, i was semi-excited about it, but not too much, as the gameplay footage seemed very similar to the first one and it didnt appear to have many new features added. well, i was right about that part, the main interface, battles, weapons, are very similar to the first game (im not saying that there arnt any new weapons! there are), and dont really leave me as excited as id hoped, however the game is set in a completely different area, with many new places to discover, many new people to meet, and just overall lots of stuff to do. one major thing that dissapointed me, was that when the trailer/game footage came out, they put alot of emphasis on "the strip" casinos, gambling, everything vegas has to offer, when i finally got to the actual "strip" it was definitly not as big as id expected it to be, and it seemed like somewhat of a ghost town, i mean i get it that its the wasteland and not many people have survived and what not but i feel that they couldve put alot more people in the strip than there was, just to make it a little more vegas-like. however there were casinos, and lots of gambling, everything from blackjack to slots. there are many other places other than the strip to discover (thank goodness) and thats what makes the game so fun, the exploration, and the pleasant surprises along the way. contrary to my negative remarks, the game WAS fun and i would suggest buying it if you liked fallout 3, the storyline, in my opinion, is not a gripping or motivating as the one in fallout 3, however it does have its charms. everything fallout 3 offered, plus more, and a whole new map and storyline. everything a fallout fan needs.

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