Tuesday, September 27, 2011


So, if you have not already heard, the release date for mass effect 3 has been pushed back to early 2012, bummer for the impatient gamers, but hey, if they've got some kinks they need to work out, i don't want to see the game till its really READY to be released. In other news...skyrim collectors edition pic to the right! I know your thinking "why have i not pre-ordered this?!" i mean, an artbook, a behind the scenes on the making of skyrim, a cloth map and a dragon statue with dragon language on it, plus the game sounds pretty desirable right? but heres the catch: $150, thats right, something you could use to buy 15 really crappy xbox games, 7 platinum edition games, 2 and a half skyrim games or this expansive espresso machine:  http://www.thinkgeek.com/homeoffice/ea4e/ (which is kindof ridiculous but you get the point) I think bethesda is stretching it just a bit with the price of this collectors edition, tell you what bethesda, bring it down to 100 and you've got a deal. in other OTHER news, talks about DR3 have been going on at PAX. um, Im not sure if i should be excited or scared, after what they did to DR2, i sure hope that they learned their lesson and will decide to make it WAY more like the first one, which was amazing, and i don't use that word lightly when it comes to games. if you can actually get me to sit there and play through a game twice, it has to be something special. let me know what you think about talks for a new dragon age. oh by the way, bioware, WTH happened to morrigan?!? we want to know!!!