Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Upcoming games for the xbox one 2013-2014

This list doesn't include many release dates, It would be a bit pointless seeing as no one has an xbox one yet. yes, other sites have the list, but I add a little personal input into each upcoming, hope you enjoy.

Assasin's Creed 4, TBA pretty excited for this pirate themed game, although It's debatable that it's stayed true to the "stealth assassin" genre, it looks like it's gonna be an amazing sandbox.

Battlefield 4, TBA everyones already raving about the graphics from footage and I agree, It looks spectacular. Theres alot of hype, and I expect a big follow through.

Below, TBA An indie platform game that truly looks beautiful, looking forward to seeing more footage.

Call of Duty: Ghosts, may 2013 I may be wrong but I think the story in this one is gonna be touching and very well presented, and of course, action packed.

The Crew, TBA an open and persistent world racing game that will be mainly for online matchmaking races and sandbox exploring.

Crimson Dragon, TBA I can't find much detail on this game but its mainly a kinect based game, based around dragons battling each other.

D4, TBA another kinect based game, but this one, a murder mystery.

Dead rising 3, Nov 2013 This famous franchise is apparently upping its "game" if the rumors are true (see what I did there? I know, so funny) with a map size that will be twice as big as both previous titles, sounds like lots of room for zombie-killing.

Destiny, TBA An upcoming shooter by bungie, from the gameplay footage, the scenery looks to me like a mix between fallout 3, portal 2 and red dead redemption, but thats just one man's opinion.

The division, TBA After doing research on this game, I figured out that the developers don't want to reveal too much about the game, other than the fact that it has all of the features you'd find on a mmorpg, but its a console game, which makes my mouth water.

Dragon age: inquisition, Fall 2014 I've been following news of this game since I heard about it, I have high expectations and am looking forward to seeing what they've changed and what they've kept from the last two in the rpg franchise.

Dying Light, TBA a zombie game with 4 player co-op and great focus on the main protagonist's storyline? Is the death of "left 4 dead" approaching?

Elder Scrolls Online, TBA ok, so this game might seem like bethesda just jumped out of the cozy chair of single player into the unknown pit of mulitiplayer but don't count it out just yet. Ive heard and seen ALOT of good stuff about this upcoming cross-platform mmorpg

Fantasia: Music Evolved, TBA your mickey mouse conducting and mixing music...if your into that, hey, go for it.

FIFA Soccer 14, TBA I'm a soccer fan, really. though Ive always been the type to be like " play sports...on a console? ok..." but hey, if thats your thing, this game looks great.

Final Fantasy XV, TBA although this franchise has had alot of scrutiny as of late, I still cling to the hope that the next one will get just a little better, this FF is focused more on action than a turn based system (dont hurt me internet, I'm just the messenger) and reportedly has a wide world to explore in game.

Forza Motorsport 5, TBA I don't usually buy racing games, but I've played quite a few with friends, I gotta say, besides the obviously beautiful cars, the locations in this one could be it's selling point

Halo (for xbox one, halo 5?), TBA there is not much known about this new addition to the halo series other than its in production, but I mean, c'mon, it's a new halo...nuff said.

Just Dance 2014, TBA You know those parties you go to where theres nothing to do and everyone leaves early? yeah, bring this to the table and that won't be a problem. with new songs and new features such as updated song control and 6 person play, I can't wait to play with friends.

Killer Instinct, TBA basically another mortal kombat knock off, but hey, its free to play on the xbox one (digital download) so why not give it a try?

Kinect Sports Rivals, TBA from what I gather, its pretty much a more realistic version of wii sports, without the remote.

Kingdom Hearts 3, TBA honestly, I didn't find much about this game, other than the main protagonist will be wielding his famous keyblade.

LocoCycle, at launch never heard of this game, but from what I gather, the game developers have not released a game for a VERY long time. basically your a guy hanging off the back of a crazed A.I. motorcycle the entire time, overcoming obstacles and shooting bad guys. will be release at the xbox one launch

Madden 25, TBA again, not a sports game fan, so researching these is tedious...apparently the A.I. and movement in this game is supposed to be lightyears ahead of previous football titles because of something having to do with more realistic movements in the feet and blah blah blah, you get the point.

Metal Gear Solid V:
The Phantom Pain, TBA The e3 reveal trailer was amazing: cinematic, gruesome, scenic and still informative. To me, the stealth system seems almost like an updated SC: chaos theory type, which excites me. not to mention this will be an open world game. if everything thats promised is delivered, this will be one great game.

Minecraft, TBA It's minecraft...for the xbox one. If you don't know what minecraft is, go buy, don't wait for the xbox one version.

Mirror's Edge, TBA The origin of Faith, if you liked the first one, this one looks stellar.

NBA 2K14, November 2013 more sports?!? couldn't find much, supposed to be the best basketball game of the year (according to some)

NBA live 14, TBA looks like better graphics than 2k14.

Need for Speed rivals, TBA didn't get 2 minutes into the reveal trailer before I was like "ok, looks nice I guess" and turned it off. I may be wrong, but It looks like another racing game, nothing out of the ordinary in terms of racing games.

Peggle 2, TBA don't have any clue what this is. after researching, I really don't care and neither should you.

Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare, TBA ok, so who doesnt love plants and zombies? probably alot of people...but I happen to enjoy it on occasion, so they decided to make it a 3d 3rd person shooter, thats right, you can now control specific plants while still maintaining a tower defense type of gameplay.

Project Spark, TBA A game for, well, making games! this game gives you the ability to create your environment, people, personalities, etc etc. sounds like a great concept, lets see how it plays out.

Quantum Break, TBA not an original concept, but an interesting one. from what I gather, time is being messed with somehow, and your in the middle of time freezes and time "shutters" It looks to be a very cinematic game and I think It will be a heavy rain rpg type of choice making system.

Rabbids Invasion, TBA not exactly sure what to make of looks like some barely watchable kids movie.

Ryse: Son of Rome, TBA this game has gotten alot of coverage, but honestly, I can't understand why. sure its pretty, but the game mechanics are too simple for my taste. I can't help but think that this will just be overshadowed by other games that actually consider their audience intelligent participants, and not stupid spectators.

Skylanders Swap Force, TBA might be a good one for the kids.

Star Wars Battlefront, TBA apparently well into development.

Sunset Overdrive, TBA your city has been overtaken by mutants. typical storyline, with a bit of a humorous flair to it.

Thief, TBA anyone remember that little game for the original xbox that created the stealth genre? well, they are at it again, the creators have created once more...hope the price will be a steal.

Titanfall, TBA looks like your typical shoot em up, somewhat sci-fi, futureish war game.

Trials Fusion, TBA the reveal trailer didn't say much...lots of jumping off ramps on dirt bikes and falling from the sky?

EA Sports UFC, TBA looks pretty good for a ufc game, but I've heard alot of complaints about the character selection thats given.

Watch Dogs, TBA a game coming from people who truly know how to make games, lets hope its another good one.

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, TBA no doubt this will be a game worth playing, with certain other companies busy pursuing certain online games, this will surely be one of the best fantasy based games to be first released on the xbox one

Wolfenstein: The New Order, TBA I never got into the wolfenstein series, simply because I heard alot of negative things about it, and the gameplay footage didnt look too original. well this new one seems to be a bit different, more story oriented, but still very action packed.

Zoo Tycoon, TBA I'm not certain but it looks to be a kinect based zoo tycoon game, It will be interesting to see how they use kinect to control the game.

Zumba Fitness World Party, TBA so first of all, fitness and party are 2 different things. to me, dancing is for fun, lifting and running is for exercise.  but if you like zumba, you'll probably like this game.

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