Saturday, July 6, 2013

ps4 or xbox one?

right now, everyone is asking this fundamental gaming question. Although most gamers I've talked to have pretty much all agreed that theres no way they will be buying these consoles at launch, we all know that when the games start flowing, the gamers start going. the question is, which console will you choose? the overpriced xbox one with its kinect and VERY slightly better overall hardware (compared with the ps4 hardware, though an argument could be made both ways.) , or the overpriced ps4 with its already stellar looking games? I remember when the xbox 360 first came out and EVERYONE was buying that one boxing game...what was it called? see, I don't even remember anymore because now the graphics are outdated and the game mechanics were pretty terrible. I think in the gaming world patience is a virtue! WAIT and good things will come, lower console prices, fewer bugs, better games, perhaps new features not yet seen?  to answer your question about the xbox one or ps4, here the answer: NEITHER! not now anyways....don't give in to the temptation of spending way too much when little is actually known about the products yet, wait for feedback from friends, do research, etc etc, and create a new character is skyrim while you wait.

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