Friday, July 26, 2013

The dining habits of a nerd

You think that just because were gamers we don't like caviar and escargot? well, for the most part youd be right...but I for one know that certain things go well together when it comes to being a geek, nerd, gamer, or...whatever.

1. Watching adventure time and eating bacon pancakes.
 Ok, while watching adventure time may not be considered outrightly nerdy, it has been widely accepted by the gaming and anime community as a great show...and c'mon, who doesn't like bacon pancakes?

2. Playing mass effect (1, 2 or 3) and drinking vodka. dye it green if your REALLY into role playing.

3. Eating ramen and watching Naruto. I actually do this like...every week

4. Playing magic: the gathering and eating chips. not only can you have some fuel for your massively strategic brain, you can also distract your rival with very loud crunching.

5. Drinking red wine and watching Game of Thrones. What other drink could make you feel more worthy of the iron throne?

6. After a large steak dinner, sit down, drink some mead and play skyrim. It's difficult to feel more satisfied then this. For those still lingering fans of oblivion, I would suggest Jack Daniel's Tennessee honey(or a white russian, then a dark russian if your playing shivering isles) and for those even rarer fans of Morrowind, find yourself a good dark beer, it fits the gritty atmosphere.

7. Playing mortal kombat and eating combos. yo dawg, I heard you like combos...

8. Watching Pirates Of The Caribbean and drinking rum. Ok...this ones a given. If not for the novelty, simply do It once so you can ask captain jack's fundamental question...

9. Final fantasy VII and lots of monster. because this is going to be a long....long game.

10. last but not least, going outside and having a sandwich. hahahahaha....outside.....right....phew, I crack myself up.


  1. watching potc always made me want to drink rum... i should do that some time

  2. It it truly an the movie (and or movies, depending on if its a marathon) is 10 times more entertaining