Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Where to buy knives?

All males have asked this question while aimlessly browsing the inter-web for knives and various (and often pointless) weaponry. Well I've decided to give one of my sources for a great deal:

Their knives are cheap in price, they have top quality brands (and mediocre quality, depending on how cheap you really need it to be) but the most important thing to me is the cheap shipping. Now I live in hawaii mostly and shipping is almost NEVER cheap to get things there, but this site has the absolute cheapest price I've seen out of any knife, tazer, self defense gear and other misc. items. Im not getting paid or anything to promote them, this is simply my personal opinion an preference. Honestly I just want their buisness to keep running because I like them a lot. More customers means they keep running, and make more money to continue to carry more and better products at a good price.

When you see a picture of mountains over a lake, you've found the right site.

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