Saturday, September 4, 2010

top 5 favorite games

I just thought it would be a good idea to list the best games ive ever played (in no particular order) and describe why so that you can check them out if your intirested.
OBLIVION:the elder scrolls
I love this game, if you have not played it, you need to. This game features a huge map, a good main storyline and many sidequests, action-packed first or third person gameplay, more hours of gameplay than any other game i've played, very customizable characters and its very interactive. I could go on and on about this game for quite a while, it was and still is one of my favorite games but all i can do is describe how awesome this game is, you will just have to play it for yourself to really find that out.

When this game first came out, it probably had the best graphics i had seen on the xbox 360 thus far and was the most interactive rpg out there, it is still one of my favorite games because, well, besides the fact that the whole game felt like a movie, the action was great, the storyline was very very had a very "epic quality" to it, i felt so like a part of the game while playing it that when certain characters died or when they  spoke to me about things deeply, it sparked some emotion in me, i felt like i knew the people in the game and they knew me, which, in a way, they did, because I chose what i wanted to say and my character became that person, this game is definitly worth playing.
the sequal to mass effect is like mass effect on steroids, while also having a very good storyline, the game developers seemed to take out the aspects of the first game that were undesirable and added the things that it needed, this game did not fail to amaze me and definitly lived up to the expectations of mass effect fans. while in itself it is an awesome game, i suggest playing the first one first, simply because it is also an awesome game and you can also import your character from the first to this one. this game features an even better interactivity than the first and yet has the same feel to it, it has the same cinematic feeling to it like the last one as well and features a ton of weapons, abilities, and just plain customizability, this is also a must-play game.

im sure youve heard of this game, if not, you really should consider buying it, this is a paranoid nerds dream game, it is set in a post-apocoliptic wasteland with wasteland weapons and mentality of the people, it is definitly unique in that the music, broken down cars, buildings, people seem to be from the 30's and 40's yet there are robots, lazer weapons futuristic armor etc, it seems like an oxi-moron but it fits quite well together in the game, the action in this game is great, the characters are intiresting, the storyline really fits the whole wasteland style, and the downloadable content is very good, certainly a game worth playing through.
i'm sure you've heard and played through this game, but if not, it is a classic must-play game. In this game you are the person of gordan freeman, you are basically a freedom-fighter in a world that has been dominated by a man with evil intentions and his huge army of followers, this game seems to take place in a somewhat futuristic environment yet because everywhere seems to be controlled like a military police state, therefore technology belongs to them and is difficult for the rebellion to obtain and they are struggling to fight back, yet with the return of you there is hope and a chance to slip through the enemy barrier to destroy the problem at the source, your enemies are an array of people, aliens, strange creatures and even zombies but don't worry, you've got many different weapons to help defeat them, from a shotgun to a rocket launcher to an alien machine gun and much more, the storyline is gripping and the gameplay is amazing.

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  1. Oblivion, my new favorite gaaaaaaaaaaaame!!!!!!