Thursday, September 2, 2010

the recon 1 (tanto style blade) knife

i purchased a new knife not too long ago called the "recon 1" it is manufactured by cold steel. The first thing i noticed about this knife when i held it was that the blade was razor sharp, and that it was relatively thick for a pocket knife blade, another thing that i noticed right away was the grip of the handle, it basically feels like some sort of plastic, but a very hard plastic, not to metion that over the entire handle little grooves of sorts have been made which make it very easy to hold and its impossible for this knife to slip out of your hand if you have a good hold on it, i personally have the tanto style recon 1, but i beleive that there are two other styles that they come in. my first worry was that this knife would not fit in my pocket, while closed it looks a little oversized for a pocketknife, but surprisingly it fit very well in my pocket and the clip on the side is very sturdy so it stays in place. last but not least, the locke, it locks in place better than any knife ive previously owned and WILL NOT bend or break and close on your fingers while in the locked position. All in all, this is a very good and surdy knife to own.

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