Friday, September 3, 2010


I personally do not own a lazerpod but my friend does and we have used it many times, when i first saw it i didnt know exactly what it was but he soon explained and we tried it out, although its completely different to explain and to experience, i will try my best to be detailed. its shape looks just like a "pod" it is designed to project three different colors (red,blue and orange) to create a sort of "aurora" effect, and while this in itself is very cool, it also can project lazer shapes on the wall which i can only describe as geometric art, while not taking any specific shape, it seems to change from square to triangle to 90 degree angles to just strait lines. one of the cool aspects of the lazerpod is that it has 3 different settings: just the "aurora effect" just the "lazer effect" or both together, it is  an awsome product if you are having a party or just want to have something mezmerizing to look at in your room.

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