Sunday, November 9, 2014

The dining habits of a nerd (part 2)

Here we go again! another list of nerdy consumables that go well with other things we all love. This time I've included a few recipe links in case your a real hands-on geek and want to make these yourself!

while watching LEGEND OF KORRA you might consider these dishes...

Savory beef stew: 
this result is based off the water tribe, but tweaked in order to be accessible to a wider audience. now traditionally, stews in the water tribe would not use beef, as beef would need to be imported in order to make this. The water tribes mainly thrive off of sea food, so if you really want to stick to tradition
you could try FISH (and/or octopus and squid) SOUP. The southern water tribe especially thrives off many soups and stews due to both its warming quality and quantity of sustenance it provides. I believe beef stew would be something savored by a water tribe native however, as it would be both unique and familiar at the same time.

This result is based off the earth kingdom. the earth kingdom has access to many different types of food, but despite that fact, there are some things that native earth kingdom residents would enjoy that would bring back nostalgic thoughts of home and childhood. cabbage is a staple earth kingdom vegetable, extremely versatile and added to many different dishes, but I paired it with pork because it is also another very traditional, although perhaps more middle-class earth kingdom ingredient. 

this ones based off, you guessed it! the fire nation. Ive
chosen a dish that combines two staple fire nation ingredients, chicken and spiciness (chilies) most fire nation dishes include chilies since they naturally enjoy spicy foods. the recipe includes various peppers and chilies so it would not be hard to imagine residents enjoying a bowl of this for dinner.

last but certainly not least, this ones based of the air nation. since the air nomads were originally vegetarians, they seemed to have quite a few fruit based desserts, including custard tarts and apple pie. I have combined these two traditional dishes in my search for something quintessentially air nation-esk.

apple custard pie:

while playing SETTLERS OF CATAN, one may consider some of these food options.

With little to go on in terms of what food resources were available to settlers (besides sheep and wheat), I tried to limit the ingredients, and keep things within the realm of farm-like food to provide the most authentic recipes within the mindset of the game. and of course, you don't want a full fledged feast or large dishes to mess around with while playing a game, so I kept most of the items simple and small.

This would be a great snack especially if your playing the game at breakfast, simple, easy to make, and perhaps topped with some raspberry jelly or used for the base of an EGGS BENEDICT.

buttermilk biscuits:
eggs benedict:

with lamb obviously an important resource to the settlers, I couldn't possibly forget  to include a lamb based dish. these would be great for a catan based dinner party or barbecue, you can easily eat them with one hand while pwning your rival settlers with the other.

spinach is a fairly easy plant to grow, which I have done myself, and assuming the settlers have pigs, and eggs and a few other things, this would make a great food for any time of the day. I've gotta say, this one looks pretty darn delicious too.

CARDS AGAINST HUMANITY and drinking go together like naruto and hinata (yes I'm still a naruhina advocate) so heres some offensive and fun cocktails to go with an equally offensive and fun

4 different types of liquor and a few other ingredients...Id say the name strangely fits.

so...kindof like Jean Grey? yeah, I'm gonna get some lashback for that...

not a pleasant mental image...but the drink actually looks pretty cool.

yes, this is an actual drink name and no, I don't know why.

WATCHING AVENGERS and eating...what else? shwarma
shwarma recipe:

last but not least...BUYING A PS4 OR XBOX ONE: and eating ramen...because you'll be broke.

thank you for reading my article! I had to do most of the research on my phone because my computer is busted, so it wasn't too fun, but its worth bringing fun stuff to read to fellow geeks, please share and comment!

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