Saturday, November 8, 2014

mass effect, adventure time, and other stuff.

LOTS of news, or at least rumors and plans on the mass effect front. First off lets start with something I am particularly excited about, a possible graphic re-haul of the mass effect trilogy for the
next gen consoles! this would also include all the dlc for every game. I know, you have a lot of questions, but bioware has a long standing reputation for dragging out project ideas for a long period of time, which i'm ok with because the end result is usually amazing (...except the "end" result of the trilogy, but, lets not talk about that...ever again). honestly nothing has been confirmed, its all in the idea stages at this point, but I will tell you what I do know. 

The combat system of me1 could go either way, there have been numerous requests rom fans to re-vamp the combat and inventory
system or make it similar to me3, however, this is what Aaryn Flynn, head of bioware edmonton and montreal had to say on the subject:  

"First it would be a helluva lot of work. Second, I hate the idea of us being accused of 'retconning' ME1. Third (and I bet everyone on NeoGAF knows this), there are those who prefer ME1... So given that all that, it doesn't feel like the right thing to do."

somewhat inconclusive, but it seems as though he is leaning towards keeping it pretty vanilla, which I think is cool. A lot of fans really enjoy the simpler interface of me2, however I really liked the variety of weapons in me1, which they seemed to partially reintroduce in me3.

moving on...the mass effect movie, is there any hope? 

mark protosevich, screenwriter for thor, made this comment about a year ago, 

“It was the first game adaptation I did and it will probably be the only one. They’re hard. I will freely admit it was hard. Because – especially with ‘Mass Effect’ - there’s just so much material. Narratively, with the game, you’re talking about nine, ten hours of narrative you’re jamming into two hours."

obviously its been "on the table" for a long time, but will it ever actually see the light of day? in more recent news, IGN seems to think so, heres a quote from their article titled "UNIVERSAL MAY HAVE JUST ANNOUNCED THE MASS EFFECT MOVIE":

"Legendary sealed a multiyear co-financing deal with Universal last year and already has an untitled Michael Mann project set for Jan. 16, 2015..."

I mean, were all excited and hopeful, but I'm gonna wait for some actual NEWS before speculating about this, its just too important a topic to be grasping at straws for at this point, show us some evidence!!!

moving right along...adventure time! has it taken a turn for the worse? pendleton ward, creator of the show, has just stepped down. One of his many comments on the subject, following a similar tone was this:

"Whatever the next thing is, I just want my brain to be happy doing it," he says. "My state of mind is superimportant. I'm so fried, so I have to sort of work within the confines of what my brain can handle."

I have personally watched every adventure time episode to date. in my opinion, after Pendleton left it seemed to take a turn for the very ordinary and unexciting. I really hope they can get a new writer in that knows Pendleton's thought process, or maybe even bring something new to the show. None of us want to see another "ghost fly" episode...

Finally, in conclusion...cats

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