Saturday, August 13, 2011

its been awhile...

Ok, so its been awhile since my last post, I was busy with moving then vacationing and all sorts of different things. but fortunately, along the way i've discovered some new things: the ps3 security sucks, as im sure you know already.  Dubstep is amazing (don't know what it is? listen to the first video below) also, mass effect 3 has released a lot of game footage, and, surprisingly enough, they managed to make the game more desirable than ever, they tweaked the combat quite a bit to allow you to use your omni-tool as a more "direct" weapon, and you will be able to customize your guns as well. can they make it any more awesome? (video above) and if you haven't already seen all the footage of skyrim they've released, heres a taste (second video below) i needn't say anymore, other than it is going to be the most epic game of its time, mark my words. finally, summer is gone and fall is coming, and this is sure to be a good year for gaming, so hold onto your seats gamers...unless you play while laying down.


  1. I am so excited for Mass Effect 3! Did you know another gamer blogger (and costumer) helped make that live action trailer shown at E3? Holly Conrad (and Crabcat) is awesome

    I played Morrowind but skipped Oblivion. Skyrim looks really cool, though, so I may have to pick it up, if I have time in my schedule!

    Nice to have you back :)

  2. You know, the comment window format is really weird for me... At the point where it asks for word verification, it doesn't display the box to enter the word. I have to "tab" so that the cursor jumps to that box, and then it automatically scrolls down. Then I had to "tab" two more times so that it jumped down to the "Post" button so I could click on it. Might be an issue with my browser, or you might want to see if it's a format issue that you can fix.

  3. i will see if its a format issue. and yes i a psyched for skyrim and me3, alot of people didnt like oblivion, personally, its one of my favorite games, but i really think they worked hard on skyrim to fix the issues of the last one and expanded on alot of stuff, its gonna be a big game. i LOVE holly conrad! i was following her blog even before she made all the awesome suits she made, plus the show, which was awesome!!! great job to the both of u! i havnt looked at her blog recently because ive been busy but im sure shes crankin out tons of cool stuff as always.

  4. How did I know you would talk about Skyrim?